Registering a Trademark in Thailand

As your business continues to thrive and expand, you may want to consider the benefits gained by officially applying for trademark registration. If you’re unsure what this means for you or your business, registering a trademark in Thailand grants you exclusive rights to any logos, concepts or brand ideas your business utilizes.


This decision is crucial if you have competitors working hard to inhibit your growth, as businesses without registered trademarks have no way to protect their intellectual property, subsequently resulting in stolen ideas and wasted resources.


To keep your business safe while establishing its unique brand, ensure you take the steps to register a trademark following the guidelines listed below.


1.      Invest in Creative IP


With the sheer number of businesses in Thailand, you may feel hard-pressed to develop a unique logo or brand slogan. However, failing to spend the time and resources necessary to create original intellectual property can prove to be a catastrophic mistake.


The reason behind this is quite simple; the less recognizable or original your branding is, the easier it will be to copy. Furthermore, consumers might mistake your brand for another if your logos are similar, or even choose another product over yours if it has a stronger brand appeal.


Therefore, to make the most out of your trademark registration, ensure that your IP is creative and attractive.


2.      Know the Guidelines


Before you register a trademark, your business must understand some of Thailand’s guidelines. The most prominent one you’ll come across is the ‘first-to-file’ rule, making it possible for a separate organization to register another business’s trademark as their own. As a result, you should waste no time to register a trademark — before a competitor gets to it first.


3.      Know the Criteria


Registering a trademark isn’t always a one-and-done deal; to make it through the final process, your trademark must fulfill the following key considerations:


  • Your trademark must be original.
  • Your trademark cannot bear any similarity to other registered trademarks.
  • The Thai Trademark Act cannot prohibit your trademark.


Before you undergo this process, your business can use the Thailand trademark database to ensure its trademark isn’t similar to any already registered designs. Not only will this streamline your trademark registration process, but also prevent your business from experiencing any legal repercussions.


4.      Submitting Your Application


If you’ve followed the steps listed above, it’s finally time to submit your application to IP Thailand. Ensure your application accurately describes your business, including any goods or services you offer, legal permissions, and your mark’s intended use.


As your application is reviewed, you may be contacted by a Trademark Registrar member to collect supplemental information and ensure your trademark registration proceeds smoothly.


If your trademark application is completed correctly and meets the necessary criteria, your application will be confirmed, and your business will be granted complete ownership over your newly registered trademark.


With these points in mind, your business can easily register a trademark and take the next step in its journey towards success.

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