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Are you an innovative SME company planning to launch a new project? Or would you like to start your company in Thailand?! In order to take the right path, talk to us! We will support you to make the right decision and benefit from interesting investment incentives provided by Board of Investment (BOI).

BOI application process with Jinda

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Introductory Meeting

Before any fees are charged, we offer you an introductory meeting free of cost. This meeting gives both parties the chance to get to know each other and assess if a business partnership is in the interest of both sides. During the meeting we will discuss your business model and objectives for launching a new project or a business in Thailand. Only if the conclusion of the meeting shows that a BOI application is beneficial for you, we will take on the project and start the feasibility study.

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Feasibility Study

During the Feasibility Study we are going to analyze your project in depth. Doing so, we will evaluate the BOI categories that are potentially suitable for your business model. Should the business/project fulfill the requirements of BOI, the next step is to identify the category with the maximum merit-based incentives for the client. The shortlisted categories will then be presented and discussed with BOI and only after we receive positive feedback, we will move on to the Application process.

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Preparation & Submitting Application

After finishing the initial legwork, we provide you with templates as well as checklists and help you to prepare a business plan and a presentation, covering all BOI requirements. With your input, we will then draft the Application document and submit through the BOI E-Platform. Once BOI has screened and accepted the application, we are then invited to present the project in a personal interview.

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The Interview

The interview at BOI office is usually scheduled within 10 working days after the application documents are accepted. A project pitch deck needs to be prepared and presented to the BOI officers and potentially other BOI Senior committees. With our support before and during the interview we will make sure that you will have the right answers to all questions.
After the successful interview and clarification of all arising questions, BOI will review and consider the promotion of the project. Depending on the BOI category and the amount of investment, this can take between 40 – 90 working days.

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Approval of Promotion & BOI Company Formation

Within 7 days after the approval of your project, BOI will send out an official letter, highlighting the terms and conditions to be followed. Should you agree, we will confirm acceptance on your behalf. From this point you will have 6 months to start your venture. Should you, at this point, not have a Thai company already, the next mandatory step is to register a company, with the option of 100% foreign ownership. Further, with our support, you will have to open a company bank account and transfer 25% of your planned investment from an oversea account of any shareholder. The receiving Bank will then provide you with a Credit Advice, which we will send, along with further supporting documents, to BOI.

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BOI Promotion Certificate & Foreign Business Certificate

Within 30 working days after receipt of full documentation, BOI will issue the BOI Certificate. With this in hand, you are officially entitled to enjoy all merit-based and non-merit-based incentives as stipulated in Certificate. Should your business be comprised of 51% or more foreign shareholding, we will need to apply for a Foreign Business Certificate with the Foreign Licensing Department of the Ministry of Commerce. Without the license you would not be allowed to start operations.

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BOI Visa & Work Permit

As a BOI company you will be entitled to employ foreign experts under privileged conditions. Those can either be hired during the application process (before issuance of BOI Certificate) and be facilitated with a 6 months BOI Investor visa & work permit or after issuance of BOI Certificate, leading to a 2 years BOI visa & work permit. For both processes we will gladly support you, making sure that the new employees can join your teams on a timely manner.

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BOI Accounting, Reporting & Auditing

Having set up a BOI company brings along many benefits but also includes certain responsibilities. You can rest assured that we will not only take care of your monthly and annual accounting but also make sure that your company stays compliant with the BOI rules and regulations. Doing so, we will submit the regular BOI reports and keep an eye on the performance in regards to your application forecasts. After 3 years your company will be requested to pass a full operation audit. Only if passed successfully, the BOI license can be maintained.

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