4 Fantastic Reasons Why You Should Have a Virtual Mailbox in Bangkok

No matter where your physical location is at any given moment, having a virtual mailbox brings along the convenience of receiving and accessing your letters straight away. If you want to learn more, this article will give you the four best reasons that you should have a virtual mailbox at a physical address.

1. A presence in a Key Business Hub will boost your business

If you are a global entrepreneur thinking to expand your business or explore new market potentials, adding an additional address in prominent location on your company letterhead might be worth a thought. Having a presence in a metropole city, will enable you to increase the probability of growing your business throughout an entire region. By signing up for a Virtual Mailbox Service, you can present your clients a credible physical address and on top receive letters and parcels with swift online receipt notifications and the comfort to access the scanned letters through the virtual mailbox app or website.

In fact, a Virtual Mailbox could be the perfect first step for you to analyze your potential new markets and move ahead with setting up a virtual office or even your own local company once your initial efforts start to materialize.

2. Secure Mail storing – offline & online mail management

With a Virtual Mailbox solution, you can feel safe in the knowledge that your physical mail will be stored safely with the mailbox operator. Apart from this, all documents that are digitalized on your request, will be uploaded to a cloud system, for which security is paramount.
Unlike with old fashioned mail box providers, you will never have to travel in person to check and pick-up your mail. The virtual mailbox software allows you to manage all your letters and parcels and make sure that your mailbox does not overflow. With a few mouse-clicks on your notebook or swipes on your mobile device you can give instructions to the mailbox operators, whether you would like them to open & scan your letters, recycle, shred, store or even forward your mail to an agreed address.

3. Access & Manage your Mail Digitally and increase your productivity

If you are a digital nomad or business person who is frequently on the move and does not have a permanent address for your operations, the Virtual Mailbox is the perfect choice for you. Through the online interface you are notified once new letters or parcels have arrived and you are able to read scanned images of all pieces of mail that you have received. Rather than having to make stops by a physical mailbox to ensure that you are caught up with all your mail, use the digital inbox to check your mail on your own time and in any location. A virtual mailbox enables your fast-paced lifestyle by giving you access to your mail wherever you are.

Furthermore, even if you do not travel frequently and have a permanent location, there are still considerable benefits to having a digital mailbox. If you receive lots of mail each day or have to comb through multiple mailboxes, having a single online portal where you can read all of your mail will greatly streamline your operations. Additionally, if you find yourself spending a considerable amount of time and money sorting through your mail, using an online digital solution will be a huge benefit to your business.

In short, no matter what your situation is, using the Virtual Mailbox Service will greatly increase your productivity and overall efficiency.


4. Privacy – You don’t want anybody to know your private address while you are not at home

Another benefit for those of you who travel frequently, let it be for business or to enjoy life as a pensioner or globetrotter, is the enhanced privacy that a digital mailbox brings. By having a digital mailbox, you don’t have to expose your permanent location. Anyone who looks up where to mail you stuff will just see the address managed by an independent mailbox operator, not your own personal address. Using this service will then enhance your personal privacy and security by obscuring your address and making it impossible for potential bad actors to compromise your security by looking up where to mail you something.

You see, there are many reasons why it is a good choice to have a Virtual Mailbox.
Jinda Outsourcing Co., Ltd., in cooperation with Anytime Mailbox is a great choice for maintaining a virtual mailbox in Bangkok, Thailand. By using our virtual mailbox service, you take advantage from the above described benefits at a very reasonable price. With our monthly fees starting from only THB 400.00, you can keep your costs at bay, while receiving and managing your snail mail digitally through the Anytime Mailbox app or any browser.
On top of all that, Jinda Outsourcing Co., Ltd. is not only a reliable Virtual Mailbox Operator, but will be the right partner for you, once you have decided to settle in Bangkok and/or establish your virtual office or own company. Our portfolio of services includes, among others, Incorporation Service, Accounting Service, Business visa & Work permit Service.

Don’t hesitate and give your life this extra piece of freedom and convenience!

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